Monday, April 29, 2013

A Beautiful Morning - Mixed Media Background ScrapFX Style

Hello, Hello!  It is indeed a beautiful morning here.  The sun is shining, birds are singing, and temps are rising!  Dare I say spring is really arriving in WI?  I sure hope so!!

This past weekend a group of fellow ScrapFX DT gals and I had the pleasure of being first up for a new regular feature on the blog - group posts!  Each month a team will be tackling a topic of choice and sharing their takes - our topic of choice?  Mixed Media Backgrounds!!!!

I just really love all these layered bits - I think of this as my little shot of happy!!  This deer and star border die are definitely favs of mine these days and sit out my table ready to be used at any moment.  You can get these yourself at Crop Stop.  Here you can also see some of my fav chippies from ScrapFX like the mini Retro Flower peeking out and the Field of Flower pieces.
In my last post I shared this sneaky peek - lots of layered up goodies, loads of color up top, and texture too!!  Are you curious how it all started?  Well here let me show you!!  

In order to create all this color I only used three watercolors.  Yellow, magenta, and turquoise.  I played with how intensely I added them and used water in various degrees.  Blending colors and knowing what will work together to create what colors is key.  If you're new to using watercolors or blending colors - practice on a scrap piece of paper first and then transfer your knowledge to the piece your wanting to use for a project.
OooLaLa, I love my watercolors and am not quite sure why I had them tucked away for so long.  I used to play with them quite frequently a couple years back.  Then got distracted with something new and poof! they started collecting dust.  So what did exactly did I do to get this look?  Here's the break down for you:

I started off by stenciling the chevron pattern onto to some watercolor paper using modeling paste. I used the ScrapFX Chevron stencil which is not to be mistaken for other stencils that have popped up since - this is the original baby!! :D Once my paste was dry I got busy with my watercolors.  I wanted the color blending I created to match the picture I was using so I happily worked at it until I was satisfied with the results.  This was so beautiful on its own I didn't want to take too much away from it yet it felt like it needed a bit of something - I decided a little stencil stamping was in order.  I grabbed a couple complimentary dark ink colors and my Daisy Garden ScrapFX stencil and added the circular elements to background.  Ahh yes, just enough contrast yet not too distracting.  I also added a bit of glitter glue sparsely over the entire background with my fingers to give additional texture and shine - but alas you cannot tell in the picture.  Someday glitter glue will not elude in me in pictures - ha! - until then you will have to trust me this is beautiful.

This finished page is actually for my PL album.  Its a shot of a late winter sunrise and I thought it would make a pretty addition as a divider page between months since that is kind of how my album is/will be set up.
With my background complete I was able to build up my layers of paper, chippies, textiles, and picture to finish off my page.  You can see how rich the colors become with the addition of the darker papers below it.  Cool effect.  I also found it was so easy to pull this page together once the background was done.  Not much was needed as the picture and background were really the focal points.  A few of my fav chippies here and there and it was a done one.  Love that.

Well, thanks so much for dropping by today and I do hope you were inspired to try out something new for your own backgrounds.  Have a lovely day and I'll be back again soon with something else new for you to try along with some more PL shares.  

Take good care! 

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Skissedilla 207 and a Mixed Media Background Sneaky Peek

Happy Saturday Sweet Peeps and Egads! I've got a lot of blogging coming your way.  Sometimes one just needs to take a step back from technology, refresh themselves, take time for family after so much has been going on, and then you wind up with oodles to share! Ha!! So lets get to it.

Sketch 207 created by Nabon
 Skissedilla 207 has been posted for some time and tomorrow a new sketch will posted - but don't fret there is still time for you to play along and post your take on this week's sketch for a chance at the wonderful RAK Laetitia is offering - its really fabulous!!

I had a lot of fun using bits and pieces on this page.  It has a sort of Project Life to me - guess I'm in that mode. The pictures are a little walk through one of our kittens (at around 5 weeks old) trying to get comfy with 'mama'.  The second picture is my fav - I wish you could see the expression on the kittens face better as it is rather cheesy and cheeky - teehee - he's so happy to be there and she's all what in the world, but actually loved the little kittens too!
 Now I promise I used the sketch for my creation - no really I did! Look closely - if you take away the extra photo and mason jar - there it is. See, I told you - silly rabbits!!  I love using sketches, but I also like adding my own spin to them as well.  In this case, the photos I had really wanted to work with happened to be in a set of three.  So, I worked beginning with the basics of the sketch, added an extra photo, and of course I love my embellishments so piled on those.  Though I must say this page still felt a little naked to me. ;)

ScrapFX chipboard speech bubble worked out wonderfully here as did the arrow.  I wish you could see how sparkly they are from the pearlized paint and sparsely sprinkled glitter I used.  Someday there will be a great way to photo glittery stuff.
 I really went to town with my Cuttlebug and dies on this page - I've totally re-fallen in love with them as of late (this is code for stopped being lazy).  Can't find enough ways to emboss, use dies, all that.  Fun stuff and good for the budget - bonus! Totally diggin' this star border Memory Box die I picked up from the Crop Stop store.  It is swoon worthy for shiggity.  It even gives you oodles of little stars after you diecut it - ahh! Love.

Well, that it is for now.  I'll leave you soak this in for a bit, but I'll be back very soon (this time I can actually say that - giggles - because I've got a ScrapFX post to share and you surely won't want to miss out!  Here's a sneaky peek:

This post is live right now on the ScrapFX blog along with a few of my fellow DT members in a group post for Mixed Media backgrounds.  If you want to be inspired and gain some messy knowledge head on over there to check it out and be sure to join in at Skissedilla too!

Take good care in the meantime!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Is Anyone Out There? Project Life ScrapFX Style

Hello, Hello!! Anyone still visiting? If yes, thank you!! and how in the world are you? 

I'm truly going to stop saying I'll see you tomorrow, be back soon.  Or what about this one - life is calming down.  Yeah. I jinx myself I believe or somethin' like that.

Truth is life happens (apparently a lot around lately) and this is the perfect lead in to my Project Life post I've been meaning to share. What? Project Life???  Oh yes. I did indeed take the plunge.  No rules, no kits, no pressure - started in March - ha! 

One thing I want to do with my PL is focus on special events I don't really scrap.  I'm not one for scrapping birthdays.  I often don't get great shots at these events but do want to capture the day.  This spread was based around a really special birthday for my DD.  You can see I even included an ATC I created, love that I'm able to use my art.
 I'd been wanting to start this grand adventure since January.  Totally indecisive am I so it took til March to get going.

Lots of ScrapFX chippies and handmade embellishments from stencils made these pages easily come together along with what I had in my stash.  Even the stenciled background was already made - I often plop a painted up stencil onto blank cardstock to not waste the paint and save it for later.  These random pieces are perfect to cut down for my cards.
 Whatever.  Its all about my life anyways so who says it has to be documented starting January?  I'm embracing this as a chance to capture my everyday, my family's everyday, and to use up my stash!!! In the way I want and that works for me. My Instagram friend, Linda, helped me figure this out and is a great Project Lifer!! Find her posts here.

More ScrapFX goodness here making it oh so easy to whip together my pages, along with a tag base this time I once again had created already.  I think I'm really going to love using bits of my already created art in my PL.  Really makes it so personal rather than buying a kit.  At least for me this is the route to go!!
I won't be stressing out over every week, if I get a spread done I get it done.  If not its okay, really. Dates and stuff can be approximate, its the stories that really matter.  The pictures will tell the tale.

I'll have more pages to share soon, but wanted to pop in quick and share a few.  My fellow DT member Michelle and I are doing monthly posts on the ScrapFX blog to show you how great chippies and stencils are for PL.  You won't wanna miss out!!  Speaking of not missing out - I'm up on the ScrapFX blog with some fun projects - I'd love for you to pop on over and check them, shall I entice you??

Lots of colorful play going on - hope you enjoy!!! Go here to see the full reveal and have a great day!!!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Playing Catch Up - A ScrapFX Post

Hey, Hey, Hey!!  Its a lovely day here!  The sun is shining, temps are rising, birds are singing - all signs that spring must finally be on the horizon!!  This works out fabulously too because I've got a couple spring themed ScrapFX projects to share! 

Butterfly G Brooch (wood) BW0008
 Did you know that ScrapFX sells wooden brooches? No?! Yep, sure do and the above Butterfly Brooch is just one of the many varieties to choose from.  Isn't it lovely? Oh gosh I can't even tell you how long I had this pretty lil' thing sitting up on a shelf in my space so I could just look at it LOL!

This is the back of the card the wooden brooches come attached to - totally scrap worthy as well!  Believe me this will be used.  I love when packaging is so cute and this quote is a fav!!

Lots of glimmery gold details here - my fellow DT member Michelle told me through Instagram (find me @kndr2tch) its all the rage right now - who knew?  I was digging through my stash and found lots of gold items I hadn't used up LOL!!  Hooray for being on trend for once - giggle!!
 Now if you rack your brains you'll remember I posted this sneak here and another one about this brooch here.  It took some time and effort on my part to be sure the true beauty of this piece wasn't destroyed, yet I wanted to glam it up a bit and make it my own too.  To read the details of how decked out the brooch to alter it up head on over to the ScrapFX blog here.

Oh how I love the new Glitz Design releases!! The Uncharted Waters collection is so lovely and worked perfectly for this card!  The stenciled pattern on the yellow patterned paper was made using the Leafy Swirls Stencil (2013029). I used some modeling paste and after it dried I colored the raised portions with various Pan Pastels.
What finally came together was this layered up card and gift in one!  The Butterfly Brooch is loosely attached to the doily so the recipient can easily remove it and wear it. I love this!  These brooches make it so simple for you to send a quick and thoughtful gift to someone you love and care about.  Sure the postage may be a little higher - totally worth it - even better if you can hand the card to them in person.  This one is getting sent out from me though I wish i could hand it to the person who'll receive it!!!

Purple, turquoise, and green may be a new fav color combo for me - now if I could figure out a way to get my fav shades of yellow in there too I'd be a totally happy camper!!  Love that I was able to get some of my favorite diecut deer on this page as well!  Adore these and don't think I'll tire of them anytime soon, just need to figure out how to work them in every project!! ahaha just kidding - maybe ;)
My LO also focused around the use of butterflies and flowers and an outhouse!!  An outhouse?? Yes an outhouse!  When we moved to our house in the country this little, what I like to call shabby chic ahahaha, outhouse was in back and I loved it! I'm all country like that - don't judge :D  Its in working order (though only the hubs uses it on occasion) and every spring the tree planted next to it blooms with the most lovely and fragrant purple flowers.  Its totally ironic I know, very strategic upon the original owner's planning I'm sure - giggling.  

This shot was recently posted but now I can actually write about it. The Sakura Flowers (2013009)  and the Blooms (2013010) were recently released and I'm smitten with them!  They're right up there with the Retro flowers mini in my book and I'm not necessarily a flower lovin' gal.  I really like looking at them on other people's pages but somehow I never seem to get them right on my own.  These however rocked my world!!!  There are deets on the ScrapFX blog here on how I altered them up. I'll be putting together a quick and easy tutorial for you all very soon on how you can do it for yourself and posting it here.  I had wanted to have it done already but things got pushed to the back burner.  Game is on now though for creating again, YAY!

Hope your day is looking something like this - my view from yesterday and looking like this again today! I'm trying the whole photo - a - day thing again this month, last month was an epic fail!!!  WOW, so not impressed with myself at all. Off to a better start this month with two shots under my belt so far - giggling madly!!!!  Need to get on the third which may prove to be a tad more difficult.  Have a beautiful one - no matter what it looks like - and I'll see you all soon.