Monday, May 27, 2013

Freedom to Dream

Happy Memorial Day to my American Friends.  Today is a day I'm thankful to be reminded of the freedoms we have due to the men, women, and service dogs that have given of themselves.  Because of them we have the ability to dream fully and to work on seeing those dreams come true!!

When I received this chipboard piece I thought it was ever so lovely but to tell the truth it isn't my go to style choice.  Yet I still wanted to use it.  I kept reaching for it trying to make it work somehow - someway.  As I pondered how I could put this to use and still maintain the beauty of it - inspiration finally struck me and I had the idea to create a shaped card using the piece as the base.  From there I was able to set my scene inside the card on my watercolor background rather quickly and the chipboard piece was still the star of the creation. 
I thought I'd share this card today currently posted to the ScrapFX blog along with a couple other projects using May's releases.  I feel it expresses the beauty of the freedoms we have because of the sacrifices others have made perfectly even though it isn't in your typical patriotic colors. 

To see the whole reveal of my May projects you can go here.  It includes a LO, this card, and one more off the page project.

I hope you take some time today to delight in all we are able to do because of what others gave.  Take good care until next time!!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

ScrapFX Tutorial, New Mini Releases, and Store Listings

Greetings Friends and Happy Saturday! 

Oh how I love Instagram - I've discovered so many lovely people there and made some fabulous friendships.  I can be found @kndr2tch - leave me a comment with your handle - is that the right word??  I'd love to find your feed.
A couple weeks ago I shared a page created for Skissedilla and the above photo was one of the shots I posted to Instagram.  I had lots of positive feedback and my wonderful DT leader from ScrapFX said she'd love to see a tutorial on how I did the leaves - yep they're chippies all altered up.  So I happily obliged and the post is now live on the ScrapFX blog.  To see the tutorial you can go here. Let me say you'll be shocked how easy it is to get this look!  If you check it out, I'd love for you to leave me a comment and let me know you think.

I can hardly wait to work with these pieces and this is just a glimpse of the goods - oh yes there is even more mini madness to be had!!  These will be so much fun to add to my PL pages and cards and LOs, and.... ha!  They're just really perfect for about any project - officially giddy here.
Another Instagram shot here featuring the latest releases that will be coming soon to retailers carrying ScrapFX!!  Ahh!!! I'm smitten, in lurve, head over heels - all that and then some! haha  These were well received and liked up but here's the thing most people don't know where to find ScrapFX.  There are a few stores that do carry it and I'll get to leaving you links here in a minute, but what you can also do is get to asking your favorite stores to start carrying it!!  ScrapFX is hot, hot, hot with a large product line of chippies, tags, stencils, and more.  The information for retailers in right on the ScrapFX homepage here . I also have some really great news for my blogging friends - I'll be re-opening up my shop where I sold ScrapFX this summer!!!!  I need to get my friends enabled - ha!  So get your lists of must haves going so when I put out the what you want to see request you can answer! :D

Here's a list of what stores I absolutely know carry ScrapFX - there are more but these are the links I could find for you right now.  I'll add more as I get them.  Don't be shy in contacting them and asking for a specific products like in the above photo, you never know if you don't ask.  These just came out so they're ready to ship!

The Pink Ladybug - Aus - closing down sale going on now

Hope this helps those of you that have been seeking ways to get your hands on some ScrapFX goodies.  I'm looking forward to helping you out soon too!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Concussion , A Sketch, and A Winner!!!

Good Day Sweetie Peeps!  Quite the post title, huh??  Well its been quite the week so far around my house so a dramatically long post title seemed fitting.

Long story short - she was playing softball in gym, slid into a base, got tagged in the face (late if I might add...ugh but anyways) HARD with the ball, and her head as a result hit the ground HARD.  I won't go on and on, because really in the grand scheme of things I have my baby girl in tact - walking around - not in the hospital - at home with me.  She was able to go back to school, under restrictions of course, but still - really blessed all things considered.  She had her vision blurred, couldn't walk in a straight line, major headache, and was dizzy beyond belief.  I'm thankful the damage done wasn't worse. Counting blessings.
Baby Girl took a horrendous blow to the head at school on Monday.  Diagnosis? Yep, you guessed it - concussion. :(  She is okay, still feeling effects from it but will heal completely in time.  Her feelings are more of devastation at this point because she will miss out on playing with her traveling competitive softball team that has games and a tournament coming up - it means the world to her.  She means the world to me and is okay - that is what matters most!  Tough to tell a teen though ;)   

Mama Lessons Learned: 
  • Your teen will delight and embrace cuddles when stuff like this goes down - embrace them too!
  • Help your child understand accidents happen and teach forgiveness through it
  • Kindly remind the school it is their duty to send children to see a nurse whether the child thinks they need to or not 
  • A teacher may call and amaze you with their genuine words of support, prayer, and love for your child
  • Focus on the blessings
The lovely Nabon created this week's sketch.
A new sketch is up at Skissedilla.  Been there since Sunday - have you seen all the inspiration?  New DT friends too??  Lots of fun and a couple of ways to win a RAKs - be sure to check it out - there are two posts.  One with the sketch and with the new DT announcement.  Hope you play along! :D

I must give a big shout out to Lindy's Stamp Gang - I've had their powders and mists in my stash for a few years - used to use oodles, then got distracted with something else - but on this page I used some of their powders and my waterbrush and LOVE the intensity of color it brought in combo with my fav watercolors. 
My crazy busy take. Ha!

I like: 
  • the colors - really feeling this combo, wasn't sure at first but will use it again
  • the deer...sigh I love them and am so happy to have this die!!!
  • the picture - what a crazy beautiful sunset we had on this particular evening
  • the ScrapFX chipboard title - I really wish you could see the altering to it better
  • the black gesso painting, oozy drippage from various mediums and watercolors, and stenciling
I'm meh about:
  • the clouds - ugh!  as much as I adore my clouds - as you can see in my previous post every project had them I believe - LOL - these just aren't cutting it for me, they're too bright and I couldn't tone them down without making a complete mess so whats done is done. 
  • the blank paper to the right of the photo in the frame - I really want to journal there but am highly unsure of how it will look, so there it sits blank 
  • the word love being written backwords - this is actually an embossed stenciled piece from Ronda Palazarri's Pie Chart stencil so it came out the wrong way - it works but I'm meh about it
A winner!!!  Before I tell you who lucky number 5 is I have to say thank you so very much to each and every one of you that visited my blog during the ScrapFX DT Intro Hop.  You all were so kind and left me such wonderful, supportive comments.  I must admit I was a tad nervous putting myself out there, I'm kind of shy by nature.  
  • To know I inspire you - spectacular and humbling.  
  • To know I have prayer support from some of you amazing and awesome! Truly thank you.
  •  To know I have some of you saying shake your biscuits - totally funny and makes me smile from ear to ear!!!
Number 5 was (this is taking fellow DT members out of the comments):
I love all these pieces but the one witht he german shepard is wonderful to me. Great work. 

Cindy please email me your mailing info - you can use the big envelope on the side to get in contact with me - and I'll get you a little package of ScrapFX goodies together and mailed off!

Thanks for stopping by today.  Take good care.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

ScrapFX DT Intro Hop

Hi there and welcome to the ScrapFX Spring DT Intro Blog Hop!  If this is your first time visiting me, nice to meet you; if you're an oldie but goodie glad you're swinging by!!  Before we get down to the fun stuff gotta take care of business so you know the deets.

 During this hop you'll get to know more about all the designers as we answer a series of questions, share a new project with, and some past favs.  Of course there will be a grand prize of a ton of fabulous ScrapFX goodies up for grabs by hopping through all blogs and liking ScrapFX on FB -  I'll be giving away one here too.  Just leave me a comment and you'll be in the running for some ScrapFX goodies from me. I'd love for you to follow along as well if you like what you see, but it isn't mandatory.    Alrighty now that business is taken care of on with the show!!

This is a newly create page just for the hop!  I haven't done a sports page in forever, but it was made easy with those super cute soccer ball chippies!!  I also loved turning one of the new graphic circles in to a sun - I'm forever thinking of ways to transform stuff in to weather shapes - ha!
What is your scrapbook "kryptonite"? (what style/colour/etc will people never see on your creations because you cannot deal with it???) - This is an interesting question for me.  I really like trying out lots of things and LOVE color.  But the one thing that truly eludes me I guess would be shabby chic.

I knew the moment I saw the large scribble heart arrive in my DT package it was going to be filled with photos!  This page was recently featured on Ronda Palazzari's blog as one of her stencil spotting pages. I cannot tell you how giddy I was - truly an honor.
 What do you listen to or watch while your scrap and WHY? - I listen to the radio playing a Christian music station or my iTunes which has various genres on it during the day or nothing at all.  It all depends on my mood.  Sometimes my spirit needs to be uplifted, sometimes I feel the need to jam out and shake my biscuits some while I create - haha, and sometimes I just plain enjoy the absolute silence. 

You will see these googly eye birds pop up in my creations over and over again.  They are a ScrapFX fav of mine!  I love the Bird Family mini pieces so much.  I have various ways of dressing them up but always love to adorn them with a big googly eye.
How do you jump start your creativity when you find that it is missing? - I give myself the freedom to play.  I grab some tags, my art journal, or one of my tiny notebooks and just play with papers, mediums, stamps, whatever.  I don't stress about the outcome, don't care if it'll become something that will look good.  I just do it to get myself in to a creative zone.  Once I've done this I can typically get going on a larger project and if not, well at least I feel good that I pushed around some color and these little play items usually wind up becoming later embellishments and as of late project life additions.

This is a small 6x6 canvas I made.  I find it amazing how the addition of the one lone ScrapFX bird really makes such a wonderful addition.
Do you snack or drink while scrapping? What? - I rarely snack or drink while scrapping. Why?  Because I am uber, uber clumsy!!!  I already run the risk of spilling globs of whatever medium I'm using all over my project - I certainly don't need to add in the extra dilemma of snacks or drinks - ha! 

One thing that is so cool about ScrapFX chippies is how well they stand up to just about anything you do to them/with them.  On this page I used the piece on the page to stamp a bit first and then added all sorts of mediums to it after.  This was of course after I stretched it out as well to stamp with it so it wasn't quite as curled over and it still stayed in tact. Pretty nifty and definitely what I need since I'm not a very dainty crafter.
 At what time of day are you most creative, or do you prefer to create? - I think I'm most creative late at night and this is actually when I create the most as well.  Is it when I prefer to create?  Not sure, this is just what works for now. I steal every moment I can to create though.

This was probably one of the hardest pages I've ever scrapped so far.  This sweet guy hasn't been with our family for a good while.  I scrapped this a few years after his passing and it still stung my heart.  I'm glad I did it though, its a fav page for sure - not for design, but for the story it tells.
If you were to describe one emotion while scrapbooking, what would it be? - One emotion is tough...hmmm....enthralling or thought-provoking.  I find that I think a lot when I'm scrapping - about the subject I'm scrapping, the story I want to convey, the techniques I'm using, the techniques I want to try, the papers I choose, the colors I go with, and it just goes on, and on.  So for me its a very enthralling process and one I enjoy immensely - when I don't allow those thoughts to get the better of me that is. ;)

This is a creation done on a piece of wood and given to my hubs for our anniversary.  Its a picture of our back acreage that I edited up on my iPhone and printed out.  Once I mounted it on the wood I went to town with my mediums and chippies.
What makes your heart race? - My hopes and dreams.  The thought that there are bigger things yet to come.  The look in my husband's eye when he comes from work.

This is a collage of the first mini album I made for ScrapFX featuring the binding technique I later did a tutorial on for the blog.
What are you afraid of? - Not being around for my children as they move in to adulthood.  I live with chronic illnesses that are no joke.  I worry they will take me out because docs are perplexed as to how to help me, I struggle a lot.  Its my deep-seeded fear.

Fun little card here showing how fantbulously well the wordlets work on cards!!  So elated ScrapFX is coming out with so many mini pieces - ahh!! I'm in mini bliss I tell ya'!
If you could choose a talent/gift what would it be? - To be a healer.  It kind of goes hand in hand with my last answer, huh?  No sadness,  as you see I'm quite the happy creator because I choose to be happy with my life as it is.

This mondo creation was made for my Guest DT spot with the Inspiration Elevator.  The challenge was to create a two page spread and it was quite the challenge but I met it.  The pictures here are mostly interchangeable, only a couple are permanent, and we have this hanging up and swap out photos frequently.
What is your favorite technique(s) to use right now and why? What are some tried and true techniques you love to use? - My favorite techniques right now involve using watercolors, along with pastes, getting out my tar gel again, and creating my own embellies with pastes.  Oh and using dies!!!  I've fallen in love with my dies again for the last few months and can't believe how long I went without them - ack!  Tried and true for me is always using lots of color, layers, mixing patterns, and creating scenes.

I had to make sure I shared a page that had my boy and hubs on it!  They both are so great at eluding the camera while my girl is always up in it, LOL!  This one features lots of stenciling and stamping using chippies and the ScrapFX stencils.  Really love their selection of beach stuff too - it looks so real!!
Phew!  Did you make it??!  Thanks so much if you've read this far. :D  I'm the last stop but here is the roster for you just in case:


Thanks again for stopping by, head on over to Facebook, like us up at ScrapFX Australia, and take good care.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

ScrapFX Catch Up & Blog Hop Coming Soon

Hi There! Its Wednesday and we're half way to the weekend - wahoo, right?  I always delight in the weekends because even though they're pretty much just as hectic as the weekdays everyone is home together at some point.....and I get a break from doing kennel chores on Sundays - that is always a bonus!!!!

This weekend will prove to be extra fun though because you and I get to hop through the ScrapFX DT blogs!!!  We're having DT Intro hop - you and I both will learn lots of nitty gritty on the DT, haha, we'll see lots of inspiring projects, and YOU will have the chance to win a mondo prize pack of ScrapFX chipboard goodness!!!  All the fun kicks off tomorrow in the US actually, kinda crazy, right?? And will end on Sunday here...but there is oodles of time to peruse blogs so hope to see you pop hop on by!

I think one of my favorite things to do is create LOs on canvas and with the large stash of canvases I have I'm not quite sure why I don't do them more often - probably a wall space issue, but still.  This one hangs on my daughter's wall now since it is of her and her BFF.  I adore this picture so much!  Nothing sweeter than two girls dancing carefree together in the summer sun!
Realistically I should be sharing a sneak of my blog hop project with you all, but I'll share a secret...I'm still fussing with it!  Yup. I'm that fastidious with things.  Ack it drives me insane yet its part of my process so I'm trying hard to embrace it as such - like trying to gain a 'delight in the details' approach. So yeah, putting on the last finishing touches over here! ;)

The background was made with a variety of mediums along with the super cute ScrapFX Butterfly stencils.  I love the size and shape of these.  To see more on how this background was created you can visit the post I had up on the ScrapFX blog here.
So you get this past LO on canvas board project instead - its all good, right?  Still showing off my ScrapFX. :D 

I really adore the ScrapFX wordlets.  I never imagined these would become such a favorite of mine but they have.  The array of phrases/fonts available is so vast its amazing.  I'm never at a loss for choice.  This piece was embossed with UTEE, then coated sparsely with some glitter, and then outlined with a gel pen to make it pop.  I love that even though a person can have the same piece as you the outcome can be completely different.
I feel like most times I'm still trying to figure out this whole world of blogging anyhoo - so if something actually goes up - its a good day!  I'll get it eventually, I've got some really good peeps rallying me to speak my voice here and tell my story through words and art, and I know what I want to do because I already do it privately....its actually finding the courage to do it here.  I know it'll happen - its just scary taking that first step, know what I mean? Its like putting yourself out there in a bikini/swimsuit after having children, its just not really what you want to do - well at least I don't want to do that!!!  Perhaps that may not be the best analogy??!  Anyways, the point being at some point you gotta put yourself out there, try on a new swimsuit, and go for it.  Stop caring what others think and just do your thing. Yeah. I think that is ultimately what I'm trying to say. Whether it be blogging in a new way, wearing a swimsuit, taking creative risks, starting a new venture... - nothing will be gained if you're paralyzed by what others think.       

Okay well those are my deep thoughts for today and perhaps my question answering tomorrow will be the kick off to some new things. 

Thanks for joining me in my ramblings for today.  I do hope to see you back again tomorrow or throughout the weekend for the hop.  Take care.


Friday, May 10, 2013

Project Life - Still Truckin' With It

Happy Friday!!  Its Mother's Day weekend so I do hope perhaps there is something special, fun, or just plain relaxing planned for your agenda.  On tap for me its Prom for my boy and softball for my girl.  Lots of fun moments to capture for the Project Life album, right?

Here I used ScrapFX scribble sentiment and turned it in to a sun by adding some wire pieces to the back.  It has been so long since I played with wire!!  The photo of DS on this spread is one of those I'd probably never scrap yet is really important to me.  He was so very sick this year at the tail end of winter and over spring break.  This was him at home and while I wouldn't really scrap this on a LO it works for PL.
So Project Life is still going strong for me.  Here's a list of some of the things I love about doing PL:
  • Capturing the everyday photos I take that may otherwise go unscrapped
  • Taking the time to tell more intimate versions of stories - its becoming like a diary for me
  • Incorporating past bits of art like ATCs, tags, scraps of unused experiments, etc.
  • Using up my stash of paper, stickers, and other bits of crafty stuff 
  • Taking the time to do a project geared for me, in the way I want to do it - this is HUGE!!!!
The pictures here are probably more scrap-worthy and may appear on a page soon, yet I still wanted them in the PL album as well.  This is the cool part of PL - being able to use photos again and see them more readily.  My adore journaling card is handmade with a ScrapFX stencil and this is the part I'm really diggin' - having a bit of artsy play while doing PL.  Really freeing and stress relieving for me.
 I'll admit finding the time to actually sit down and do this isn't always the easiest.  I've got deadline to meet for other creative endeavors.  There is always household stuff to do, schedules can be hectic, time can be pressed.  We all get in those binds right?  Here is what I'm learning: 
  • I've got to make the time to do it - its hard to be disciplined sometimes
  • Its truly okay if I don't have something done for each day of a week, every week, if dates aren't exact, etc.  Its about the stories and what pictures I do have in there when it comes down it.  My PL album is run on a monthly scale for this reason.
  • Chipboard is my best friend when it comes to PL - ha!  I use it endlessly to embellish and it makes it a snap for me to add a piece or two and go.
  • Size choice is an important consideration when taking on this endeavor.  The 6x8 - 8x8 size pages work well for me.  Sometimes I'll pump out a ton of spreads at a time because there was so much going on and others there will be just one. I think if you're going to take the leap you need to think about what size will help you be successful.
The spread together - I used an older ATC I made on this to reinforce the theme of home.  I really like the fact I'm actually getting these tiny pieces of art out and displayed finally.  I've had them in a binder in baseball sleeves, but it didn't really feel meaningful, KWIM?  Now when put in context with pictures and journaling they take on a new level.
 So here's to those wondering if you should join in on the Project Life bandwagon - I say go for it!  I started my journey in March - yes March.  I had watched in awe from the sidelines for quite some time thinking that looks like fun.  All those little pockets of memories - yet I had the mindset I'd be a failure.  It would be a project I'd start only to not keep up with and set aside.  I'd waste money on buying all the 'must have' items and there they would sit.

Ahh yes, spring finally arrived at my house??  Not sure.  Its actually really cold here again and one never knows what will happen.  This page documents the little teasers we've had of it along with the love of a beloved pet.  Again lots of ScrapFX chipboard and some handmade embellishments I made using their stencils helped me whip up this page.
 I've thrown those thoughts aside though - my life doesn't look like what I can buy in any kit and I would imagine yours doesn't either.  I'm not bashing kits or the buying of them - believe me if it was in my budget I'd probably pick up one here and there.  But I'm saying its not necessary to have.  My life doesn't start and stop on any specific date so why should this project have to?  My life has its ups and downs just like this album will show and tell.  This is what I truly love about Project Life - its a diary of our lives right here, right now - through my eyes, my lens, my voice - that I'll leave behind.  No creative assignment is attached to this - I share it here and on the ScrapFX blog, yes but out of a love for wanting people to know you CAN do this if you been wanting to and think you can't.  I didn't think I could but here I am - doing the Project Life thing, in my own little way. 

Have a beautiful weekend!!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Its a New Day! A Mixed Media Card and Challenge for You!!

Happy Monday Sweetie Peeps!!  Its a New Day and I've got a Beautiful Mess of a card and challenge to share with you!

It all started with this background:

Lots of layers going on here - gel mediums, molding paste, mists, Pan Pastels, and more - oh my!  I was in my zone I tell ya'!!
Quite the mess - yet beautiful, in my opinion anyways - haha!!

From there I went to town and gathered all sorts of scraps and tidbits and came up with this:

Used up tons of scrappy bits and leftovers on this card - love that!!  Need to do this more often and perhaps my stash will diminish some and I can send out cards more frequently - win/win situation!!
A Beautiful Mess expressing that Today is New Day - no matter what life's messes tend to bring - to be sent to a friend with some Happy Mail!! 

So what is the challenge you may ask?  Well over at My Sketch World the Spring Fling crop is still going in full force and my challenge on the forum is to create a beautiful mess on your own card!!!  How big or little of a mess is up to you but you do have to get messy! So roll up your sleeves and throw down with some mists, paints, or otherwise messy stuff!!  I'd love to have you play along! :D  I'm playing along with Simon Says Stamp Challenge - Happy Mail

Thanks for stopping by!  Enjoy your day, get messy, and take good care!!!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Happy (Inter)National Scrap Weekend!! - Skissedilla 209

Hi Folks!!  I've been busy as a bee, still have oodles to share, and have meant to come back here, but gosh blogging always gets pushed to the I'll do that next and then its all days later and I'm like whoa!

So anyhoo, Happy (Inter)National Scrap Weekend to you!!  I say weekend because I know there are so many events that last all weekend long and the cool thing is you have even longer to get things done!  Are you creating away to your heart's content?  Where are you hanging out?  Lucky enough to have IRL interactions??  Do tell!

Perhaps your mojo needs a boost - I've got just the remedy for that - a super fantabulous sketch from Skissedilla!

Combine this with one of your NSD challenges and you could be well on your way to inspiration galore!

I had so much fun with the sketch this week - using mediums to build up my background and then going town adding a ton of bits and pieces until I was happy with everything being just so.
 I was totally inspired by the swirly background on this sketch and had a lot of fun using several of my favorite mediums to create a playful & colorful take. 

I used lots of ScrapFX leaves and treated them with a string gel technique I haven't used in a good long while.  I'm really delighting in perusing my own work from past times for inspiration and remembering fun techniques - flashback fridays will reappear here!! - gotta get disciplined. I also used a ScrapFX scribble sentiment - gosh I love these!  So many fun new little word pieces to use now - I'm totally smitten.   
 This photo gives you a better idea of the texture created on the background - had lots of fun with my tar gel!!

This shot shows the variation in colors on the leaves a bit better perhaps? Along with the fun cloud/sunshine piece.  Molding paste hearts through a punched paper stencil, then inked up and of course all sorts of bits and pieces :)
 I finally put my Amy Tangerine sewing kit to use and was pleased as punch with this little cloud/sunshine embellishment.  I added watercolors to it and then splattered over it as well.  Fun stuff I tell ya' and didn't take long at all to sew.  Can't wait to use it again. 

So that about wraps it up for this page I could continue on with the detail shots because I do really, really love this page, but I'll spare you.  Ha!  If you're looking for a place to play along with yet for NSD fun head on over to My Sketch World.  There is a Spring Fling crop going on with lots of fun challenges, games, prizes, and I've got a MM challenge posted for you to create a card along with me!  I'll be sharing more on that tomorrow cuz' the crop goes until the 19th so there is time my friends!!

Hope your Sunday is grand and to see you playing along at Skissedilla - take good care!!